Namaste – welcome to my website.

Please do browse the pages to learn more about the Yoga, Thai Massage and Retreats I offer.

A little about my background –

I have been practicing yoga since 1991, the first 12 years mainly Ashtanga in East Grinstead, West Sussex with Raffi and further afield with many other inspiring teachers including, Supi, Danny Paradise, I did teacher training with David Swenson, and spent an amazing month with BNS Iyenger in India.

hema & venkatesha

My teachers – Acharya Venkatesha and Acharye Hema

Since 2001 I have enjoyed learning from other schools of yoga, particularly with Venkatesha and Hema, the founders of Atma Vikasa School in Mysore, India with whom I trained to teach. I return to study further with them as often as I can.

On the beach in Aegina, Greece 2014

Whilst in India, being away from family, home and work I realised the benefits of being able to immerse totally in my practice. I also went on 2 glorious yoga holidays with the wonderful Supi to the Greek island of Aegina and knew that I wanted to teach on retreats as well as weekly, local classes.

 I have since run 10 yoga holidays at the same great location as Supi at Aegina, as well as holidays in Turkey, Egypt, Crete and Bulgaria. I am looking forward to returning to Aegina in September this year, joined by Sarah Clifford who will be offering a range of therapies. I also have 2 holidays in December in Kerala, South India, including over Christmas.

In 2009 I enjoyed Kundalini yoga teacher training with the lovely Maya Fiennes and love this addition to my practice and teaching. In 2014 I trained in pregnancy Yoga and feel this is a wonderful time and space to practice Yoga (from 14 weeks), to learn breathing techniques, gently move and stretch, quieten the mind and prepare for ‘the big day’. I then trained in Baby Yoga and Baby Massage.

jody and maya

Maya and me 2009

I enjoy teaching all abilities, to me it’s not where you are in a posture that counts, what’s important is how you are – inside, whilst in the posture. To be with your breath, quieten your mind, let go of tension, be in the moment, come back to the constant that is the breath. To find contentment, to be at peace, to draw closer to the stillness. That is what matters. That is why I practice yoga, that is what I want to share with you.
I have 3 beautiful children and 5 gorgeous grandchildren, each a precious gift, from whom I learn much.